EMRC Services

The EMRC provides services in waste management, resource recovery, environmental management and regional development. Working with our member Councils, industry, government agencies and other stakeholders, the EMRC is a model of successful collaboration that delivers tangible benefits to the region.

Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO undertakes Council support and governance, human resources, organisational development and strategic planning for the organisation.

Business Support

Business Support provides administration, information services, financial management, communications, risk management, records management and procurement support to the organisation. It is also tasked with ensuring that EMRC operations are in compliance with the relevant statutory obligations.


Operations covers the Red Hill Waste Management Facility and Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, the Baywaste Community Recycling Centre operated on behalf of the City of Bayswater and the Coppin Road and Mathieson Road Community Recycling Centres operated on behalf of the Shire of Mundaring. The business unit undertakes initiatives and activities to aid diversion of waste from landfill to more environmentally sustainable solutions, including composting and mulch processing of greenwaste, timber and mattress recycling and providing advice on contaminated sites.


The Projects business unit develops and implements resource recovery solutions to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits to Perth's Eastern Region and minimise the amount of waste being directed to landfill.


The Sustainability area consists of teams responsible for Urban Environment and Waste Education. 

The Urban Environment team provides services and projects aimed at minimising the amount of energy and water that is consumed across the region; creating economic growth and employment opportunities; increasing investment for infrastructure; planning and advocating for alternative modes of transport; and facilitating regional cultural and recreational activities. 

The Waste Education team, provides education across all member Councils and the wider community around waste avoidance, minimisation and management, together with resource recovery, Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO), and working towards a circular economy. A key focus of the teams is to work with EMRC’s member Councils and regional stakeholders to enhance sustainability across Perth’s Eastern Region. 

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