EMICoL: Values from the past, eyes on the future

Published on Friday, 3 July 2020 at 11:39:38 AM

Members of Perth’s leading manufacturing and engineering cooperative are aiming for the future – using a centuries-old business technique to achieve their aims.

EMICoL, with over 60 small and medium sized members drawn from manufacturing, engineering, mining, fabrication, training and supply, exists to bring buyers and suppliers together while providing practical business support.

The concept of bringing businesses together for mutual support is a tradition going back to pre-industrial times – with several very good reasons for its survival, explains EMICoL director John Morris.

‘It’s a matter of trust,’ said Mr Morris.

‘A small or medium sized company with several manufacturing processes typically needs support from a range of suppliers. A successful business collective will act as a matchmaker with other nearby businesses, keeping the local economy buoyant and creating jobs.

‘If you require any kind of industrial support, our members’ vast range of skills means you’re almost certain to be referred to somebody local to meet your needs.  EMICoL also adds value by providing a range of additional business support, such as networking events, education and training, discounting and promotions.’

EMICoL’s members have annual sales of just under $200m and employ a total of 930 people, including 41 apprentices.  Their specialisms include everything from design, advanced manufacturing, 3D visualisation, process control, automation and robotics.  Members also provide accreditation in quality, safety and environmental training.

Mr Morris continued: ‘If you’re in any kind of industry in Western Australia, at some point you’ll come into contact with one or more of our members.  The main benefit of the collective approach to business is that membership almost always provides a significant competitive advantage.’

The EMRC (Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council) was instrumental in helping set up EMICoL in 2007 and has continued to support the cooperative with business support and strategic advice.  The EMRC is continuing its partnership into the 2020s by providing networking and marketing support.

Mr Morris added: “We are very pleased with our latest brochure profiling our membership with the products and services they offer (available here) and we are extremely grateful for the support from our partners at the EMRC and our valuable sponsors and members in bringing this important document together for our industries.’

For more information about EMICoL’s activities and the benefits of membership, please contact John Morris using the details below:

Media contact:

John Morris

EMICoL Director

Mobile: 0479 117 060

Web: www.emicol.com.au

Email: enquiries@emicol.com.au

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