The partnership between EMRC and Grow It Local aims to raise awareness of the Town of Bassendean and the City of Bayswater’s Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) waste collection system, which separates FOGO material from other waste and is used to create organic compost. Valuable FOGO-derived material is then returned to the soil and used to grow, share and enjoy home-grown produce while connecting communities, reducing organic waste and preventing harmful methane gas from reaching the atmosphere.

Grow It Local is a new community initiative to encourage more people to grow, share and eat locally grown foods.

The EMRC in collaboration with the Town of Bassendean and City of Bayswater are one of the first Local Governments to proudly support the initiative and are encouraging local growers to ‘put their patch on the map’ at Register your patch, outline what’s growing and highlight whether you’re interested in connecting with other local growers to share or sell your produce, knowledge, space or skills. Likewise, aspiring growers can log on, see what’s growing locally, connect with experts and get inspired.  

The Grow It Local program will be available through a series of digital events, activities and experiences which will encourage a connection to nature, inspire positive health and wellbeing, reduce organic waste and help make growing food more accessible to the local community. This program will be complimentary initiative for Town of Bassendean and City of Bayswater residents.

Get involved, host an event and attend a live session at


What is Grow It Local?

Grow it Local is a grass roots, purpose-driven mission to get more people growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods.

Who is it for?

Grow It Local is for everyone! The program encourages the whole community to get involved. It’s for green thumbs and food growers, sustainability enthusiasts, new and small-scale gardeners, local businesses, schools, community gardens and local groups to connect, share skills, produce, space and more.

Why get involved?

  • See who and what’s growing locally 
  • Connect with local growers and food lovers
  • Host or attend workshops and events
  • Share produce, seeds and seedlings
  • List unused space for growing
  • Help inspire the next generation of growers

How to get involved?

 Sign-up to see who and what is growing locally

  1. Connect with local growers and food lovers

What does it cost?

Thanks to the support of the EMRC participation in the program is free for Bassendean and Bayswater residents. Grow It Local members may choose to charge a fee for their skill or knowledge sharing services, produce or homemade products.

Further information: