Public Environmental Review

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Sites and technology studies

The EMRC has completed a series of studies that looked at the following:

  • An examination of resource recovery technologies at different locations in and outside the region.
  • The suitability of the sites owned by the EMRC for a resource recovery facility.
  • The ability of the technologies to divert waste from landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Costs associated with the technologies at the different locations.

The results from these studies have been presented to EMRC's member Councils.

The research has also covered the concept of a resource recovery park in Perth's Eastern Region, the types of waste this could handle, the potential waste diversion and economics of such a facility. 

EMRC research publications

Please click on the links below for EMRC commissioned research into waste composition and waste stream audit and analysis.

EMRC Resource Recovery Facility - Waste Composition Study - Nolan ITU, 2003

EMRC resource recovery facility - waste stream audit and analysis - APrince Consulting, 2004

Study tour

In November 2008, delegates from the EMRC attended the Second International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste in Italy, which also included important technical visits to operating resource recovery facilities. 

The information gained at the conference and site visits improved knowledge and provided valuable input into the key planning decisions for the EMRC's Resource Recovery Project. 

In particular:

  • The understanding of and selection of acceptable waste treatment technologies

  • The type of waste treatable by the technologies
  • Project capital and operating costs and gate fees charged

Organics Bin Trial

Organic waste (food waste and garden waste) takes up around two-thirds of the volume of household rubbish going to landfill each week. Organic waste, however, has the potential to be recovered and transformed into a valuable resource of compost.

As part of its research, in April to June 2009, the EMRC undertook a Trial Household Organic Waste Collection project.

The project involves trialing a third household rubbish bin in a representative area of Perth's Eastern Region for the purpose of collecting household separated organic waste.

Analysis of both the organics bin and the residual rubbish bin was conducted during the trial, and this information used in the Resource Recovery Project .

For more information, please call our hotline on 1800 855 955.

Organics Bin Trial Waste Audit Report - APC, 2009

organics bin trial 1organics bin trial 2organics bin trial 3