ACER Home Energy Audit Kits and Power-Mates now available

With the price of electricity and gas rising and our water resources becoming scarce, finding ways to save money and reduce consumption of these valuable resources is becoming a concern for many home owners.

To assist residents in Perth's Eastern Region, the EMRC and its member Councils Town of Bassendean, City of Belmont and the Shire of Mundaring have made available ACER Home Energy Audit Kits and Perth Solar City Power-Mates through their library loans systems.

The Power-Mate is a plug power meter to help residents identify high energy consuming appliances and stand-by energy use in their home. It provides measures of power consumption, running costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it projects these values going forward per hour, per week, per quarter and per year.

The ACER Home Energy Audit Kit is a tool kit (which includes a Power-Mate) to help residents conduct an energy audit of their own home and includes guidelines to use the tools and a workbook with practical tips on how to reduce energy use, water use and carbon emissions.

The kit contains a variety of tools and information which allow residents to conduct an energy use audit of their home, and increase their understanding of energy use and sustainability. Some of the tools in the kit include:

  • Power-Mate - to identify high energy consuming appliances
  • Generic Thermometer - to test the temperature of hot water and fridge/freezer
  • Shower Timer - to reduce shower time and test water flow rate

These Home Energy Audit Kits and Power-Mates can be borrowed in the same way as a book or DVD from participating libraries. Participating libraries include:

Member CouncilLibrary LocationNumber of Home Energy Audit kits or individual power-mates
Town of Bassendean

Bassendean Memorial Library

46 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

2 Home Energy Audit Kits and 4 Individual Power-Mates
Shire of Mundaring

Albert Facey Memorial Library

(Mundaring Library)

Nichol Street, Mundaring

2 Individual Power-Mates

1 Home Energy Audit Kit

Katharine Susannah Prichard Library

(Boya library)

119-135 Scott Street, Helena Valley

2 Individual Power-Mates

1 Home Energy Audit Kit

For More Information

For more information about EMRC’s ACER Program please visit our ACER webpage.

For further information please contact:

Elizabeth Jones - Urban Environment Officer 

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