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The Perth Solar City program closed on 30 September 2012.

Perth's Eastern Region was home to the Perth Solar City Program; one of seven designated solar cities across Australia. The $94 million Australian Government Solar Cities Program offered a suite of initiatives designed to bring together individuals, communities, governments and businesses to trial and showcase practical and creative ways to be smarter about energy use.

From 2009 to 2012, over 16,000 households participated in the Perth Solar City program, making it WA's most comprehensive energy efficiency program. Collectively, participating households saved over $1 million on their electricity bills during 2012. In total:

  • 9,269 smart meters were installed;
  • 3,515 households received a home eco-consultation;
  • 6,300 households participated in 12 months of eco-coaching;
  • 2,251 households received a smart meter enabled in-home display;
  • 746 households participated in an innovative time-of-use tariff trial;
  • 700 homes were fitted with a SunPower photovoltaic (PV) system, and
  • 1,100 homes purchased a Solahart solar hot water system.

The EMRC would like to thank everyone who took part in the program. Your participation has provided valuable information which has been reported back to the Australian Government through the national Solar Cities program to inform future government policy.

Summary of Results

Demand management
(Air Conditioning Trial - ACT)
N/A 25% (during weekends)
Time-of-use tariff (PowerShift) 5.1%


11.8% on top 10 critical peak days during 2011 and 2012

In-home display
1.5% 5.0%
Time of use tariff and in-home display 6.3% 13.1%
Home eco-consultation 12.3% 7.7%
Living Smart (behaviour change) 7.5% 7.1%
Living Smart, home eco-consultation and in-home demonstration 21.4% 16.6%
Residential solar hot water 18.2% N/A
Residential solar PV 40.7% N/A


Solar Cities - Catalyst for Change - Background Paper

Perth Solar City Annual Report - 2011

Perth Solar City - Annual Report - 2012

For more information

If you have any questions regarding the Perth Solar City program, please call Western Power on 13 10 87.

More information regarding Perth Solar City Power-Mates can be found on our Home Energy Audits webpage.

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