Combined Catchment Group Forum

A very successful Combined Catchment Group Forum was held on Monday 14 June at Boya Community Hall. Over 30 people attended the forum. Representatives from the following catchment groups; Jane Brook, Helena River, Lower Helena Association, Susannah Brook, Blackadder Woodbridge, Friends of Piesse Brook and the Wooroloo Brook Landcare group participated in the forum.

Notable attendees included EMRC CEO Marcus Geisler, Keith Pekin, CEO Perth NRM, EMRC Chief Sustainability Officer Wendy Harris, Alison McGilvray from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and Ingrid Sieler of Perth NRM.

The evening was hosted by Karen Warner, Coordinator of the Eastern Region Catchment Management Program (ERCMP) with guest speakers Wendy Harris, Ingrid Sieler and Alison McGilvray. The talks gave a brief on the 25-year history of the ERCMP, the role Perth NRM will have in the future of the program and the DBCA pledged its continued support for this most valuable program.

The purpose of this forum was to advise that as of 5 July, the ERCMP will move from the EMRC to Perth NRM and also to involve the catchment groups in the development of a revamped ERCMP. After a light supper the catchment groups put their heads together to come up with ideas on how this community led program can best serve them.  

It was clear that many aspects of the program are highly valued, such as the support provided to the community, in particular at grant writing and grant acquittal time, in addition to the Bush Skills for the Hills workshops and the Greenpage Newsletter.

Karen commented, ‘From my perspective the meeting was very positive including the commitment of the landcare community looking at other ways to deliver the program. In particular I felt a real buzz with the networking opportunity provided, and the prospects to invite guest speakers in the future to cover specific topics. This forum will continue with the next meeting planned for September.’

Homework was set to ensure the continued involvement of the community as this program evolves. Suggestions for a name for the forum are welcomed, along with ideas for workshops you feel would benefit your landcare work. If you have questions, please send to Karen Warner:

Photo: EMRC