Discovering the birds of Susannah Brook – Birders needed!

A small group of Birdlife Australia and Susannah Brook Catchment Group members have continued their bird survey program supported by funds from the Western Australian Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program.

The survey is conducted once a month using an app called Birdata.

For 20 minutes at a time, experienced birders record the birds seen or heard within two hectares of the rehabilitation site, at all points of the compass.

Birdlife Australia assisted with setting up the survey at the beginning of the project, ‘Restoration of a Biodiverse Wildlife Corridor and Wetlands in Susannah Brook 2019’.

The purpose of this important survey is not only to monitor the movement of various species of birds into the rehabilitated area but, on compiling the data into a graph, the team is able to see which species dominate at any one time, competing for available food. At present 68 different species have been recorded in the area.

Monitoring the bird life is part of a larger program to demonstrate that planting local provenance encourages fauna and flora to return to Susannah Brook Reserve. On completion of the project with ongoing management, a diverse ecological corridor will be created enabling animals to travel to different food supplies, escape fire and have access to various habitats for shelter and protection from predators.

The group is always on the lookout for experienced birders to join the group to assist with data gathering, please email

 At present we have two experienced birders who travel up to two hours to help with data collection and we also have other birders collect data who live locally.

Sandy Stone

Experienced birders, Susannah Brook Rehab site, March 2020. Photo: Sandy Stone