Greenpage Newsletter

The Greenpage is a Landcare newsletter produced for the volunteer community networks in Perth's Eastern Region. The Greenpage provides information on current issues affecting Landcare, reports on work being undertaken within the region and provides updates on activities, training and funding opportunities. The newsletter is produced bi-monthly.

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To view the contents of the June/July 2021 Greenpage, please click on the links below.

1. New home for the ERCMP

2. Combined Catchment Group Forum

3. Basics for planting

4. Western Swamp Tortoise Survival

5. Discovering the birds of Susannah Brook

6. Volunteering WA Event

7. Talitha's book takes off!

8. Bush Skills for the Hills - Fire and Ecology Workshop

9. Off the Shelf - Bird Talk

10. Plant and Weed of the Month

11. Rodenticides (rat poison) and Wildlife

12. Susannah Brook Planting Days 2021