2011 Anaerobic digestion technology forum

A community forum on anaerobic digestion technology was held at EMRC's Ascot Place office on Friday, 24 June 2011 and was attended by approximately 40 members of the community. This was the second such forum held for the community to find out more about the technology options being considered for the Resource Recovery Project.

The forum was addressed by visiting overseas consultant, Mr Gerald Tetchner of Enertech in the UK and Professor Dongke Zhang, Foundation Professor of Chemical Engineering and Inaugural Director of the Centre for Energy at the University of Western Australia. Professor Zhang has long standing research and applied experience in using organic wastes for sustainable energy development.

Mr Tetchner, as Managing Director of Enertech Engineering Consultants, has been involved for over 25 years in renewable energy projects, which have included anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, biomass, waste resource management projects and a combination of these. He is an approved UK government consultant, has worked with government departments and local councils on the development of anaerobic digestion facilities and has managed a research centre in Yorkshire on anaerobic digestion processes.

Mr Tetchner also gave his presentation to Council on Thursday, 23 June 2011.

A copy of the presentations and the question and answer session (summarised) can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Please note: The content of these presentations reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein. The views expressed in these presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the EMRC.

Gerald Tetchner - Presentation - 24 June 2011

Dongke Zhang - Presentation - 24 June 2011

Anaerobic digestion talk - question and answer session - 24 June 2011

2010 waste to energy technologies forum

EMRC held a forum at Ascot Place on Friday 23 April 2010, with presentations on waste to energy technologies by Professor Nickolas Themelis and Robin Davidov, two eminent US practitioners in the area of waste to energy. This was an opportunity provided by their vist to Australia hosted by the Waste Management Association of Australia.

Professor Themelis is a Director at Earth Engineering Centre of Columbia University and founder/Chairman of the Waste to Energy Research and Technology Centre and is considered a leading global expert on waste to energy technologies and practices.

Ms Robin Davidov is Executive Director, NorthEast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, which serves Baltimore City and seven counties. The authority has developed and financed three waste to energy facilities, two of which are owned by the authority and one sewage sludge composting facility. Robin has over 29 years experience in community engagement and operation of waste to energy facilities.

As EMRC is considering thermal technology options as one of a group of options for its Resource Recovery Facility, the forum provided an opportunity to learn more about waste to energy technology and ask questions of the presenters. Over 50 community and member Council officers and Councillors attended the presentations.

Please note: The contents of these presentations reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein. The views expressed in these presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the EMRC.

Integrated waste management in the US - Robin Davidov - 23 April 2010

Waste to energy technology presentation - Professor Themelis - 23 April 2010

2009 community research results

In May to July 2009, EMRC undertook community research to provide a snapshot of community's perceptions and attitudes relating to the potential sites and technologies under consideration for the Resource Recovery Facility.

Please click below for the summary report and presentation.

Report - Resource Recovery Project - Summary of Community Attitudes to Resource Recovery Technologies - July 2009

Presentation - Resource Recovery Project -2009 Community Attitudes Survey presentation - August 2009

Fact Sheet - Resource Recovery Project - Community Research Results - September 2009

EMRC Expressions of Interest

Please click below for a copy of the documentation calling for Expressions of Interest on 9 May 2009 from resource recovery technology providers/contractors. For more information please see the Latest Update page.

EOI 2009-10 - Expression of Interest EMRC Resource Recovery Facility

EMRC publications and research

EMRC Resource Recovery Facility - Waste Composition Study - Nolan ITU, 2003

EMRC Resource Recovery Facility - Waste Stream Audit and Analysis - APrince Consulting - 2004

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