Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park

The EMRC’s Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park is designed to receive, process, separate and repair a community's discarded materials, with the goal of repurposing, reusing, and recycling the materials.

The facility is home to Western Australia's first mattress and timber waste recycling operations. The park's purpose is to recover resources from several waste streams, thus diverting waste from landfills and providing an opportunity to reuse materials. The Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park is part of the EMRC's Resource Recovery Project, an integrated plan for decarbonisation and sustainable waste management in the region. 

List of services available at the Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park

  • Timber Recycling Facility  
  • Mattress Processing
  • Processing of Western Power Poles  
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste Sorting Facility  
  • Circular Energy Recovery Facility (previously referred to as Wood Waste to Energy Plant) 
  • PS baler  
  • Waste Transfer Station (WTS)  

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    For any enquiries, please contact the Sales Team at Sales@emrc.org.au