Our Environmental Management System

The EMRC places a high priority on environmental sustainability, which forms an important element in the planning and management of its activities. A large portion of EMRC operations are in providing essential waste management services and the Red Hill Waste Management Facility plays a large role in this. An Environmental Management System has been developed specifically for the site and details a set of commitments, objectives and responsibilities designed to drive the sustainability of the site.

Following an audit in January 2019, the EMRC's Environmental Management System for the Red Hill Waste Management Facility was certified to the international ISO 14001:2015 standard.  This is an integrated set of protocols and procedures designed to produce continual site improvement whilst minimising the risks of environmental impact. The Environmental Management System covers the Red Hill Waste Management Facility (1094 Toodyay Rd, Red Hill) in its entirety, including all activities, products and services. The system also takes into account both internal and external issues within EMRC's control which may impact on the environmental management of this facility, as well as the views and expectations of interested parties.

Some of the types of environmental work conducted include environmental monitoring, research, community engagement, site rehabilitation and contaminated waste management.

Red Hill Waste Management Facility and Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park Environmental Policy

Red Hill Environmental Management System Certification Certificate

Annual Compliance Report - Land Clearing Approval No. EPBC 2014 7354 & Offset Management Plan 2022-2023

Red Hill Offsets Management Plan (approved by DotE Sep 2016)


Contaminated Waste Disposal

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (formerly the Department of Environment and Conservation) regulates the transport and disposal of contaminated wastes within Western Australia, and have licensed the Red Hill Waste Management Facility to accept up to Class IV contaminated waste under specified disposal requirements.

Within this framework, EMRC waste services environmental officers manage the assessment and approvals process for contaminated waste, and can provide advice on contaminated waste enquiries and acceptability requirements.

Waste Services can be contacted on (08) 9424 2227

Some types of contaminated wastes that may be acceptable at Red Hill include:

  • Solid process wastes;
  • Contaminated soils;
  • Treated Timber (Creosote and CCA); and
  • Asbestos contaminated materials and soils.

The supplementary notes below provide additional information on how contaminated waste is assessed for acceptability at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

Red Hill Waste Management Facility - Supplementary Notes for Contaminated Wastes

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility include extensive quarterly surface and ground water monitoring rounds with upwards of 70 sites monitored. The monitoring program generates physico-chemical data taken from direct measurements and extraction of samples for analytical laboratory testing.

Other environmental monitoring includes tracking Western Grey Kangaroo and Australian White Ibis numbers present on site, monitoring of environmental indicators such as macro-invertebrates, and monitoring of rehabilitated bushland areas.

Site Rehabilitation

Following the completion of landfill waste cells, the EMRC commenced a landform rehabilitation program to address drainage management, erosion, visual impacts and landscape amenity in a manner that promotes the long-term rehabilitation objectives of the Red Hill Waste Management Facility. The rehabilitation program utilises local materials and native seeds and seedlings to integrate the completed landfill cells with the surrounding environment.

Community Engagement

While the Red Hill Waste Management Facility provides essential services to the wider community, the facility also recognises the need to be accountable to the local community.

To meet these community expectations, the EMRC is keen to hear observations and respond in a timely manner to queries raised by local community members.  Our website is regularly updated with news of EMRC developments and our Facebook page often carries updates on progress with developments at the site. EMRC representatives are available to discuss issues and proposals with community members, and equally community members can provide feedback, ideas or raise issues at any time.

Odour Assessments

The EMRC has engaged consultants to conduct ambient odour assessments to determine the nature, frequency and intensity of offsite odours originating from the Red Hill Waste Management Facility. Based on these results, consultants developed an odour management plan so that impacts on the surrounding community can be minimised. This plan identifies odour sources which can potentially impact the community and details operation and control processes used to manage odour.

Report - The Odour Unit - Red Hill Waste Management Facility Field-Based Ambient Odour Assessments - August 2013

Contaminated Site Investigations

The EMRC's waste services environmental team consists of qualified professionals who are experienced in designing and undertaking contaminated site investigations, remediation projects and water monitoring programs. These services are undertaken according to the relevant Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Department of Health guidelines and can be offered to clients at a competitive rate. Requests for environmental and waste management services can be discussed with the EMRC's Environment and Waste Compliance Team on (08) 9424 2222.