Biochar - Coming Soon!

As part of the redevelopment of the Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, EMRC is in the process of installing a wood waste to energy plant to turn excess recycled Wood Chips in to electricity and Biochar via pyrolysis technology. 

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a stable, carbon rich form of charcoal that can be applied to agricultural land as part of agronomic or environmental management. 

Biochar is also a carbon sink. Buried in the ground or blended with topsoil, it may hold carbon for hundreds or thousands of years, locking away carbon dioxide rather than allowing it to escape into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. 

Benefits of Biochar

Biochar brings the following benefits to the soil: 

  • boosting plant growth 
  • acting as a reservoir for moisture
  • improving soil structure
  • reducing leaching of nutrients
  • decreasing soil acidity
  • providing beneficial microbes

Biochar also has the potential to reduce fertiliser requirement while crop productivity is maintained, or to increase crop yields and lower rates of fertiliser use. 

Other applications for Biochar

There are many other emerging applications for Biochar, including the treatment of waste water, use in the building sector and as an animal feed additive. 

We welcome expressions of interests in partnering to develop applications to use Biochar the Biochar EMRC will produce. 


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