Contaminated waste

The EMRC's Red Hill Waste Management Facility is licensed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (formerly the Department of Environment Regulation) to accept a range of solid wastes including Class I, II, III and IV wastes; and includes contaminated soils, industrial process wastes, treated timber and asbestos.

Waste Disposal Advice

Contaminated waste disposal at Red Hill is managed in line with the Department of Water  and Environment Regulation's (DWER) licensing and regulatory requirements. Before any waste can be received, the waste must be assessed and classified. It is recommended that assistance and advice on requirements be obtained from EMRC's waste services environment team (Reception (08) 9424 2222), with additional information also available in the supplementary notes below. A Red Hill waste application form can be obtained from the waste services environmental team and must be returned to EMRC completed and signed for the waste application to be processed.

Red Hill Waste Management Facility - Supplementary Notes for Contaminated Wastes

Waste Classification

Classification of contaminated waste is required to determine acceptability and appropriate disposal arrangements. Waste classification depends on the characteristics of the waste, including chemical analysis information. The information should include testing results by a NATA certified laboratory from a certain number of samples based on the volume and state of the waste, and testing for contaminants of potential concern.

Details of NATA approved laboratories can be found at or by calling NATA on 1800 621 666.

Waste Acceptance Approval

Once a waste services environmental officer has determined a waste classification and whether the waste can be accepted, a waste acceptance approval will be issued. Approvals are valid for a one month disposal period only (re-issues incur an additional administration fee).

A time for disposal within this period must be booked at least 24 hours prior with the Red Hill Administration Manager (Ph: (08) 9574 6235). The approval document also needs to be submitted to the weighbridge attendant on arrival at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility for each load covered under that approval.

Controlled waste transportation

If a waste is classified as a controlled waste (including all class IV wastes), transportation of the waste to site must be by a DWER licensed controlled waste carrier. A list of licensed controlled waste carriers can be found on the controlled waste tracking system (CWTS) on the DWER website.

A controlled waste tracking form must also be presented to the weighbridge officer upon arrival at site. Waste arriving on site without a waste acceptance approval, or controlled waste tracking form (not required for class 3 waste) cannot be accepted.

Inclement weather

Please note that the class IV cell may not be operational during extreme winter weather.


The transport and inappropriate disposal of contaminated waste may render the transporter liable to significant fines by the DWER.