Coloured Mulch 

Coloured Mulch is a landscaping product made from untreated and unpainted end-of-life timber pallets, packaging and off-cuts. Produced at EMRC's Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, Coloured Chip mulch not only looks great, it is hard-wearing with superior performance compared to more traditional wood chip mulches. 

Coloured Mulch is produced by shredding, and then colouring, timber with naturally-occurring colours. This recycled product is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional pine bark mulches, reducing reliance on virgin timber and pressure on landfill. 

What are the benefits of Coloured Mulch? 

The performance and appearance of Coloured Mulch is far superior to traditional pine bark mulch. It breaks down more slowly than pine bark and is available in either red or black and gold (limited availability). 

This hard-wearing product has been specially engineered to ensure colour fastness for approximately twelve months. The colours are non-toxic to plants and animals. 

Coloured Chip mulch: 

  • helps manage weeds 
  • helps retain soil moisture
  • is low maintenance 
  • is hard-wearing 
  • is visually appealing. 

    How can I use Coloured Mulch? 

    Coloured mulch is both practical and visually appealing. It provides the benefits of a traditional mulch, such as weed management and soil moisture retention, while creating a stylish landscaping look. 

    Apply mulch to achieve an even thickness of 75mm over the entire area, leaving a clearance of 25mm around plant stems/trunks to avoid stem rot. The surface should be raked occasionally to rejuvenate the colour and topped up to 75mm thickness every 12 to 24 months. 


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    Downloadable information about Timber Recycling is available HERE