Ferricrete Gravel

Ferricrete Gravel is a landscaping and road-building product supplied by EMRC. During landfill construction at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility, lateritic rock is excavated. Instead of this resource going to waste, this rock is crushed and screened to make Ferricrete Gravel. 

How Can I Use Ferricrete?

Ferricrete is a versatile, easy to use and hard-wearing product, with the clay component making compaction easy. 
It is ideal for use in:

  • driveways
  • pathways
  • landscaping
  • road base
  • hardstands
  • stormwater design

As a precaution, it is recommended that Ferricrete not be used in areas known to be free of dieback or adjacent to bushland of high conservation value. 

How Much Ferricrete Do I Need?

To calculate how much Ferricrete you'll need for your project, use the following formula: 

Length (m) x width (m) x depth (m) = total cubic metres (m3) required. To convert m3 to tonnes, multiply by 1.8. 

For example if your site is 100m x 50m x 0.02m, then you'll need 100m3 or (100m3 x 1.8) 180 tonnes. 

Where Can I Buy Ferricrete?

You can purchase Ferricrete from the Red Hill Waste Management Facility, 1094 Toodyay Road, Red Hill 

For a quote or more information, please contact Red Hill Waste Management Facility on 08 9574 6235.