Financial Interests Register

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, the EMRC's Financial Interests Register is available for public inspection during the EMRC's standard opening hours.

In accordance with regulation 29C(2)(d)(e) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, the register below provides a record of all Annual and Primary Returns lodged.

Documents for Financial Interests Register
TitleDocument Date
Primary and Annual Returns 2023/2024November 27, 2023
Primary and Annual Returns 2022/2023August 10, 2023
Primary and Annual Returns - 2021/2022January 18, 2022
Primary and Annual Returns - 2020/2021December 21, 2021


Councillor Fees and Allowances

In accordance with Section 5.96A of the Local Government Act 1995 and Regulations (C92)(f) and (6) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, a report must be prepared annually on any fees, expenses or allowances paid to each Councillor during a financial year, beginning 1 July 2020.

Documents for Councillor Fees and Allowances
TitleDocument Date
Councillor Fees and Allowances - 2022/2023August 10, 2023
Councillor Fees and Allowances - 2021/2022November 2, 2022
Councillor Fees and Allowances - 2020/2021February 3, 2022


Register of Gifts and Contributions to Travel

The disclosure requirements around gifts and travel contributions with a value over $200 (or sum of gifts from any one person during a year) were amended and came into effect on 4 March 2016.

Councillors and designated employees are now required to disclose, in writing, to the CEO within 10 days. A designated employee is the CEO, an employee with delegation of authority, an employee who is a member of a committee comprising councillors and employees and any employee nominated by the local government. This replaces the previous process of disclosing these annually in a return.

The CEO is required to keep a register of these disclosures and publish the register on our EMRC website. View the Gifts and Contributions to Travel Register (PDF) below.

If you have any questions about the registers, please contact the Manager Procurement & Governance on 9424 2222.


Register of Current Tender Contracts

Documents for Register of Current Tender Contracts
TitleDocument Date
EMRC Tender RegisterJune 23, 2021


Register of Complaints 

A register of complaints of minor breaches referred to under Section 5.121 of the Local Government Act 1995.

Documents for Complaint Register
TitleDocument Date
Current Register of Complaints 2023-2024November 30, 2023
Current Register of Complaints 2022-2023August 15, 2022
Current Register of Complaints 2021-2022July 9, 2021


Councillor Training and Professional Development Register


Delegated Powers and Duties Register

Documents for Delegated Powers and Duties Register
TitleDocument Date
EMRC Delegations Register - May 2024July 9, 2024