Woodchip and Fines 

Woodchip products are made from untreated and unpainted end-of-life timber pallets, packaging and off-cuts. Produced at EMRC's Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, it is a high quality recycled product that reduces reliance on virgin woodchip, as well as relieving pressure on landfill. Woodchip is made to strict standards and is consistent, soft, insulating, easily spread, easy to maintain and has low dust content. 

How Can I Use Woodchip? 

Woodchip is an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to virgin woodchip. 

Animal Bedding 

EMRC's Woodchip was initially designed for use in the intensive poultry industry, but demand for wood chip for animal bedding has now expanded to other industries. EMRC worked closely with the WA Broiler Growers Association to develop a fit-for-purpose wood chip product. It provides a soft and insulating surface for chickens, which absorbs manure and moisture, inhibiting ammonia and the spread of disease. EMRC's Woodchip is also used in cattle stockyards as animal bedding. 

Other uses 

There are many other uses for recycled wood chips, including particle board manufacturing, biofuel and compost additive. 

Is Woodchip Free from Contamination? 

Strict processing and quality controls are in place at the Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park to ensure that market specifications are consistently met and contamination is minimised. Ingression of wind-blown material is managed, specific screening equipment is used, and timber generators are educated to minimise contamination in incoming timber. Processed Woodchip is stored away from incoming timber to avoid cross-contamination. 

Our custom-designed and highly-advanced processing facility allows us to meet the strict requirements of each specific market. Woodchip is regularly tested by an independent third party for organic and inorganic contaminants. That means you don't have to worry about any of the contamination or consistency issues you may have had with recycled woodchip in the past

Where Can I Get Woodchip?

Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park. Please contact our Sales team at Sales@emrc.org.au or 08 6216 3100.

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