The EMRC’s Operation Team have been focused on creating a new transport division to meet our client’s current needs and future growth. 
Due to challenges in the global supply chain experienced during the COVID pandemic, transport contractors experienced shortages of personnel, plant and equipment, resulting in them been unable to fulfil all their obligations. The new EMRC transport division provides tremendous value as the EMRC is now less reliant on transport contractors and adds a more valuable service for our customers and member Councils. 
With the Baywaste Community Transfer station volumes increasing, the EMRC seized the opportunity to add walking floor trailers, prime movers, hook lifts, rear loaders and side lift trucks to its fleet to help with the growing demands. 
The EMRC worked through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) process, to secure a license to support three of its member Councils (Bayswater, Bassendean, Mundaring) to manage their curbside collections for the next ten years. 
It is exciting times for the EMRC, with staff quickly and positively adapting to change. To learn more about EMRC services, please