EMRC FOGO Compost is recommended for almost all gardens and is a composted soil conditioner made at EMRC's Red Hill composting facility from household Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) waste and shredded green waste. 

Our FOGO Compost increases plant and soil health by: 

  • supplying nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and minor plant nutrients 
  • adding organic matter to the soil 
  • helping build-up soil microbe populations 
  • reducing plant stress 
  • improving soil water retention 
  • helping to retain fertiliser in the soil. 

Using the EMRC FOGO Compost increases water penetration at the soil surface, as well as retention of water in the soil, making better use of irrigation and rainfall. The organic matter in soil improver increases the activity of soil microbes that help plants access nutrients and improve soil structure - soils become more stable and increasingly resilient to erosion by wind or water. 

Composting for a Circular Economy 

The collection and treatment of FOGO, separated from general waste, is an essential feature of the EMRC’s Waste Management Strategy to maintain the value of FOGO materials circulating in the Australian economy for as long as possible. EMRC FOGO compost, produced from nutritious organics, delivers the results you expect from your garden. 

The EMRC’S FOGO Recovery Cycle 

Do you know what happens to your Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) material when you place it in your bin? The EMRC is empowering sustainability by facilitating FOGO recycling for Councils in the EMRC Region. 

See the cycle below to learn how the EMRC receives and processes FOGO material to manufacture nutritious compost. 


For availability or further information, please contact the Red Hill Waste Management Facility on 08 9574 6235. 

For a quote or more information, please contact our Sales team at or 08 6216 3100