Project Milestones and Approvals

2009 : Expressions of Interest Process

In May 2009, the EMRC advertised for Expressions of Interest from interested parties for the establishment of a Resource Recovery Facility to process waste from the EMRC's six member councils. The purpose of the Expressions of Interest process was to gather information about the capacity and capability of respondents; the technologies that they offered; and was used to make some key planning decisions. It is the first part of a two stage process, the second stage being a call for tenders.

The Exphase of the Resource Recovery Facility was completed in July 2009. Seven of the nine submissions received were assessed as 'acceptable tenderers' under the Local Government Regulations by the Tender Evaluation Committee. In 2011, two of the seven respondents advised their intention to withdraw from the tender process for the Resource Recovery Facility. The acceptable tenderers are:

  • Energos AS;
  • Evergreen Energy Corporation Pty Ltd;
  • Amec Minproc Limited;
  • Phoenix Energy Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Moltoni Energy Pty Ltd); and
  • Transpacific Cleanaway Limited.

As of 2011, it was expected that these five respondents to the Expression of Interest would be invited to submit a tender once the environmental approvals process is complete.

2010: Council Decisions on Preferred Options

At the 20 May 2010 Council meeting, the EMRC made a number of decisions regarding the planned Resource Recovery Facility (RRF).
Council resolved that:

  1. The following options are confirmed as the preferred options for the Resource Recovery Facility:
    1. Red Hill Waste Management Facility is the preferred site for the RRF.
    2. The Design & Construct contract ownership model is preferred to a Build Own Operate contract model at this stage of the project.
    3. The RRF technology options include anaerobic digestion, gasification, pyrolysis and combustion. Plasma technology will only be considered if it is an integral part of one of these technologies.
    4. A third bin for household organic waste collection be considered in conjunction with anaerobic digestion technology, otherwise a two bin system is recommended for the thermal technology options.
  2. Council proceeds with the environmental and planning approvals task for the Resource Recovery Project based on the preferred site and technology options.

With these recommendations, the Resource Recovery Facility was referred to the Environmental Protection Authority.

2010 - 2014: Environmental Approvals Process

In June 2010, the proposed project was referred to the Environmental Protection Authority. A Public Environmental Review level of assessment was set by the Environmental Protection Authority. At this level of assessment, the EMRC was required to conduct a detailed environmental review of the predicted impacts of operating the proposed Resource Recovery Facility.

Relevant documents:

Referral Form - Resource Recovery Project - February 2011

Letter - Environmental Protection Authority - Appeal Against EP - Level of Assessment - February 2011

In August 2011, the EMRC resolved to reduce the technology options for the Resource Recovery Facility at Red Hill to anaerobic digestion and gasification, eliminating pyrolysis and combustion as possible options. This decision was taken based on information received during and after the Expressions of Interest phase (the first stage of the tender process), preparations for the environmental impact assessment and community engagement feedback.

In December 2011, the Public Environmental Review was submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority. The Review was approved for public release from 23 July 2012 to 17 September 2012, so that members of the public could have the opportunity to review the document, and write submissions giving their view on the proposal.

Relevant documents:

Public Environmental Review - Resource Recovery Facility - July 2012

In November 2012, while the Environmental Protection Authority was assessing the proposal, the EMRC proposed a relocation of the Resource Recovery Facility from Lot 12 Toodyay Road to Lot 8 Toodyay Road. This was a Section 43A Change to Proposal. This was approved by the Environmental Protection Authority on the basis that the change is unlikely to significantly increase any impact that the proposal may have on the environment.

22 July 2013

The Environmental Protection Authority recommended approval for the proposed EMRC's Resource Recovery Facility at Red Hill.

The approval recommendation is based on the EMRC using either anaerobic digestion technology or gasification technology for the proposed facility.

The report states that it is likely that the Environmental Protection Authority's air quality and odour objectives would be met for both technologies provided recommended conditions were satisfactorily implemented. Although the final technology option has not been chosen by the proponent, the Environmental Protection Authority has recommended conditions to reduce air emissions under either scenario.

The Environmental Protection Authority's report to the Minister for Environment is open for a two-week public appeal period, closing on 5 August 2013.

Relevant documents:

Report and Recommendations of the EPA for the proposed Resource Recovery Facility at Red Hill

Response to Public Submissions on the Public Environmental Review

November 2013

Appeals were made against the Environmental Protection Authority's report and recommendations on the proposed Resource Recovery Facility at Red Hill.

The EMRC lodged its response to the appeals, for consideration by the Appeals Convenor.

2 April 2014
The Minister for Environment issued an Appeal Determination against the Environmental Protection Authority's report and recommendations on the proposed Resource Recovery Facility at Red Hill.

The Minister dismissed the appeal and concluded that the proposed facility can be managed to meet the Environmental Protection Authority's objectives for the key environmental factors, air quality and amenity, provided there is satisfactory implementation by the EMRC of the recommended conditions set by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The Minister's Appeal Determination can be accessed via the Appeals Convenor website.

2015 - 2016: Towards Implementation

Following Ministerial approval for the Resource Recovery Facility in 2014, the EMRC commenced a review of implementation options for the project. It then opted to put the project on hold while the local government reform process was underway.

February 2016: Council Discussion

At its February 2016 meeting, Council agreed to proceed with the tender process based on using both contract model options:

  • Design Build Operate and Maintain; and
  • Waste Supply Agreement.

Under a Design Build Operate and Maintain contract model, the Resource Recovery Facility technology options are anaerobic digestion, with or without a mechanical sorting facility, and gasification. This model would be at the approved location, the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

Under a Waste Services Agreement contract model, the Resource Recovery Facility technology option would be determined by the tenderer. Siting options under a Waste Services Agreement contract model may be the Red Hill Waste Management Facility or possible alternative locations nominated by the tenderers.

Financing options would need to be developed to underpin the Design Build Operate Maintain contract model. A single phase Request for Tender procurement process is to be undertaken. Council also agreed that a community engagement strategy be undertaken concurrent with the tender process.

The tender was released on 13 August 2016. More information on the tender can be found here.

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