Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park

Resource recovery parks are designed to receive, process, separate and repair a community's discarded materials, with the goal of selling them to markets and the community. Designed to demonstrate sustainability in waste management, there are many examples of successful resource recovery parks across Australia and the world.

The EMRC's Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park is home to Western Australia's first mattress and timber waste recycling operations. The purpose of the park is to recover resources from some waste streams thus diverting waste from landfill and providing an opportunity to re-use materials. The Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park is part of the EMRC's Resource Recovery Project, an integrated plan for sustainable waste management in the region.


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Red Hill Waste Management Facility and Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park Environmental Policy

Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park Contact Table
Location Gate 1, 77 Lakes Road, Hazelmere WA
Telephone (08) 6216 3100
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm
Public holidays: Closed all Public Holidays, and closed between Christmas and New Year Public Holidays

Timber & Mattress Recycling

The EMRC's current timber recycling activities involve processing untreated waste wood (such as pallets, packaging and crates, off-cuts and cable reels) into woodchip fines and woodchip. The woodchip fines and woodchip are sold as an end product to established markets in the broiler grower and livestock industries, whilst the woodchip remains as residual waste for which there are currently limited markets (landscaping and animal bedding).

Timber processing and mattress processing at Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park in 2022/2023 included:

  • 13,970.77 tonnes of incoming timber and power poles processed
  • 11,947.94 tonnes of broiler growers animal bedding produced
  • 1119.44 tonnes of coloured and uncoloured woodchips produced
  • 20,560 mattresses received for recycling

Current Developments

The Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park (HRRP) Development Plan 2021 identifies the future infrastructure requirements and location of facilities on the site based on the current and anticipated future activities. These include the following activities:

  • Timber Recycling Facility - existing
  • Mattress Processing - existing
  • Processing of Western Power Poles – existing
  • Waste Transfer Station (WTS) - existing
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste Sorting Facility - existing
  • Site Drainage Plan, Power Supply, Wastewater Management – existing and planned
  • Wood Waste to Energy Plant (WWTE) – under construction
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) drop off point and PS baler – under development
  • Greenwaste Processing Area – planned
  • Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Refund Point - planned
  • Community Recycling Centre (CRC) - planned

Wood Waste to Energy Plant

The EMRC has recycled timber at Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park since 2009. Untreated waste wood (such as pallets, packaging and crates, off-cuts and cable reels) is processed into woodfines and woodchip. The woodfines are sold as an end product to established markets, whilst the woodchip has limited markets.

The Wood Waste to Energy Plant  will convert  woodchip destined for landfill to renewable electricity and bio-char. The electricity generated will be used as a power source for the onsite facilities and excess electricity will be exported  to a third party via a dedicated power cable.

More Information

For any enquiries please contact the Coordinator Sales and Marketing on (08) 6216 3100.