EMRC Soil Improver

EMRC Soil Improver is recommended for almost all garden and is a composted soil conditioner made at EMRC's Red Hill composting facility from household garden waste.

Soil Improver increases plant and soil health by:

  • supplying nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and minor plant nutrients
  • adding organic matter to the soil
  • helping build-up soil microbe populations
  • reducing plant stress
  • improving soil water retention
  • helping to retain fertiliser in the soil.

Using soil improver increases water penetration at the soil surface, as well as retention of water in the soil, making better use of irrigation and rainfall. The organic matter in soil improver increases the activity of soil microbes that help plants access nutrients and improve soil structure - soils become more stable and increasingly resilient to erosion by wind or water.

How Soil Improver is produced

The City of Bayswater has a kerbside greenwaste service to benefit residents and the environment. Residents place their gardenwaste (grass, leaves, weeds, small branches, prunings and plants) into this bin.

The garden waste is collected and placed in open windrows (long piles), pasteurised, composted and screened into a fine (<5mm) soil conditioner. The composting process breaks down the organic matter, kills weed seeds and plant pathogens, and turns green waste into a valuable organic fertiliser. EMRC soil improver has been processed according to the Australian Standards AS4454 specification.

EMRC has closed the loop by diverting around a third of the City of Bayswater's greenwaste from landfill and turning it into valuable soil improver for WA's parks and gardens.

You may not be able to see the soil improver from the surface, but you can see the results of its use all over Perth. It is used widely to improve soil and plant health in home gardens, landscaping, parks and public open spaces.

Using Soil improver

Apply soil improver to soil to increase soil water holding capacity, structure and fertility and improve soil and plant health. Spread soil improver on top of the soil and dig in well. Try to ensure the soil improver is distributed evenly throughout the soil and then watered in well.

Soil improver can be applied as a top dressing for turf growth making nutrients available to turf roots and building up structure of soils.

Soil improver can be blended with other fertilisers or composted products. In most cases, improvements in water retention, organic matter levels and soil microbial activity mean that less fertiliser and water is needed, saving time and money.

Where can I buy EMRC Soil Improver?

You can purchase soil improver by the trailer load from the Red Hill Waste Management Facility,
1094 Toodyay Road, Red Hill WA from Monday to Friday between 8am and 3.30pm.


For a quote or further information, please contact Red Hill Waste Management Facility on 08 9574 6235.

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