Achieving Carbon Emissions Reduction (ACER)



About the program

Perth's Eastern Region aspires to be a recognised leader in corporate carbon management and energy efficiency by reducing carbon emissions to ensure that the region minimises its impact on the environment both now and into the future.

The Achieving Carbon Emissions Reduction (ACER) Program was developed in 2009 by the EMRC in collaboration with its six member Councils; the Town of Bassendean, City of Bayswater, City of Belmont, Shire of Mundaring and the City of Swan.

The ACER Program was initiated in response to the Australian Federal Government's withdrawal of funding from the International Centre for Local Environmental Initiative's Cities for Climate Protection CampaignTM (CCP) in 2009. Previously under the CCP Program, member Councils moved through a five milestone framework aimed at reducing their corporate and community emissions. All member councils achieved CCP PLUS between 2005 and 2007.

ACER was developed to monitor, mitigate, reduce and report on corporate carbon emissions and provides a structured approach for member councils to ensure continual improvement and advance their leadership positions in the community regarding carbon management. There is also an educational component for member councils, the community and local businesses when appropriate opportunities arise.

The ACER Program is based on the belief that to affect change globally, you first must act locally.

Key achievements include:

Implementation of a Carbon Reduction Strategy involves:

  • Measuring a carbon footprint for all council operated facilities;
  • Planning carbon reduction by setting targets and objectives;
  • Reducing energy or fuel usage at all council operated facilities by implementing identified emissions reduction and management actions;
  • Purchasing accredited carbon offsets;
  • Monitoring and reporting of progress; and
  • Review of progress, objectives and actions to ensure continual improvement.

Tips for Residents Factsheets

The EMRC has produced factsheets as part of the ACER Program to provide up-to-date information on Energy Efficiency and Solar PV Panels for residents of Perth's Eastern Region.

The pdf versions are available for download below:

Energy Efficiency Tips for Residents

Solar PV Panel Tips for Residents

For more factsheets on Rainwater Tanks and Greywater, please see our Water Quality and Conservation Program webpage

Re-energising Perth's Eastern Region

The EMRC received nearly $647,000 in co-funding from the Australian Government for the $1.46 million 'Re-energising Perth's Eastern Region' regional project. The EMRC, Town of Bassendean, City of Bayswater and Shire of Mundaring collaborated to undertake much needed energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits at four community facilities:

  • Street lighting on Old Perth Road in the Town of Bassendean;
  • Internal lighting and air conditioning at Bayswater Community Library in the City of Bayswater;
  • Pool pump efficiency, and internal lighting at Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre in the City of Bayswater; and
  • Solar pool water heating, plant upgrades and pool pump efficiency at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre in the Shire of Mundaring.

The Re-energising Perth's Eastern Region project has come to a conclusion with audit reports confirming that:

  • Energy consumption has actually reduced by 40.7 percent across the four facilities;
  • Energy use has reduced by around 829,790 kilowatt-hours;
  • This is the equivalent of the annual consumption of 134 average Perth households;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 552 tonnes CO2-e; and
  • Energy cost savings alone are around $133,450 for the participating councils.

More information regarding the Community Energy Efficiency Program can be found on our Re-energising Perth's Eastern Region webpage.

Home Energy Audit Kit

As part of the ACER Program, the Home Energy Audit Kit was developed as a community resource. The kit contains a variety of tools and a workbook which allow residents to conduct an energy audit within the privacy of their home, and increase their understanding of energy use and sustainability.

Kits are now available at selected libraries within Perth's Eastern Region; just like borrowing a book or DVD. The Town of Bassendean, City of Bayswater and Shire of Mundaring have implemented kits in their main libraries.

For more information about the kits and other sustainability initiatives, please refer to our Home Energy Audits page.