Welcome to Perth's Eastern Region 


The EMRC actively promotes Perth's Eastern Region, advocating for major projects that continue to grow the Region’s economic capacity and productivity. The resulting public and private investment in the Region has supported annual growth in Gross Regional Product of 5.7% per annum for the past five years. The region is home to the most significant road, rail and air freight infrastructure in the Metropolitan area and a number of strategic industrial and commercial centres. The cumulative positive effect of these assets has led to the formation of major industry clusters in logistics and transport, distribution, tourism, manufacturing and professional services.

The Region’s attractiveness also extends to everyday living. With a growing public transport network, access to National Parks and public open spaces, and some of Perth’s premier shopping destinations, the Region provides a work-life balance second to none. Choosing to do business in Perth's Eastern Region will help improve your business performance through new opportunities, greater efficiency and happier employees.

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Check out the Region's prospectus Investing In Perth's Eastern Region for opportunities in industry and business investment and our 2021 Economic Report Card