Landfill Gas & Power

Landfill Gas & Power electricity generation plant is located at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility. The plant extracts landfill gas from cells 1 to 10 and converts it into safe, clean renewable energy.

The Landfill Gas & Power electricity generation plant was upgraded during 2006/2007, increasing the capacity of the plant to 3.65MW. During the upgrade, the latest monitoring and switching equipment was installed, along with replacing the mufflers on the engine exhausts to reduce noise from the plant.

Landfill gas to energy

Operating since 1993, EDL’s Red Hill power station is WA’s first environmentally sustainable, waste to energy power station converting landfill gas (LFG) to energy.

The Red Hill landfill gas generators use the methane that is produced by the decomposition of organic materials in the Red Hill Waste Management Facility to produce clean, renewable electricity.

By doing so, we’re playing our part in reducing the amount of harmful methane that would typically be released into the environment.

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