Dreaming of a good night’s sleep? Jenna can help!

Published on Thursday, 18 June 2020 at 2:53:38 PM

Ask any new parent what they’d like more of and the answer is likely to be ‘sleep’.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, Belmont business award winner Jenna Gore - also known as the Sleep Science Guru - on a mission to provide just that with her unique sleep consultancy service tailored to meet individual parent, baby and toddler needs. She has successfully transferred much of her business online and is now offering online webinars and an online support group for expectant parents and parents with babies.

“So many people think that when we become parents we are meant to be sleep deprived and exhausted,” explains Jenna.

“You quite often see young mums wearing shirts saying ‘as tired as a Mama.’ We laugh and say ‘sleep is for the weak’ or ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’, but sleep deprivation is a very serious issue. It is not surprising it’s considered a form of torture. Sleep deprivation is definitely not something to celebrate!”

With a background in clinical psychology and research, Jenna has seen the impact sleep deprivation and how it can increase the risk of postnatal depression and anxiety in mothers and fathers.

Jenna’s science-based sleep consultancy practice uses psychologically friendly strategies to improve baby sleep. She realised that the strategies she was using to improve baby sleep could be used by all parents and not just by those suffering from mental health issues.
Jenna explained: “I founded Sleep Science Guru (SSG), the first sleep consulting business, where each of our consultants have a background in clinical psychology. SSG is an award winning-industry-leading sleep consulting business with a unique angle.

“We don’t use a one size fits all model. Every child is so different, as are all parenting styles and family situations. That’s why we use evidence-based, scientifically-proven strategies which are individually tailored to help each family.”
Jenna’s pioneering work in this field earned her a nomination for the 2019 Australian of the Year (Young Australian of the Year category). Closer to home, Jenna won the Young Entrepreneur Award at the 2019 Belmont Business Awards.

Jenna continued: “Of course having a baby impacts sleep hugely, but there are strategies (which involve no tears) to help shape healthy sleep habits from the very beginning. Ongoing sleep deprivation does not have to be part of your parenting journey. You do not have to be robbed of so many special moments with your little one because you are absolutely exhausted!”

Jenna is expecting her first baby in August and is looking forward to trying out her methods and techniques on her pending arrival.

Sleep Science Guru has a strong social media presence, with over 60,000 Facebook followers. Jenna gives back to her community with free consultations to regional and disadvantaged parents and complimentary consultations to all clients.

Hush-a-bye…the results of Jenna’s work speak for themselves!

Contact Details:
Business name: Sleep Science Guru
Key contact person: Jenna Gore
Phone: +61 410 295 827
Address: 38 Wellington Pde Yokine Perth WA 6060
Website: www.sleepscienceguru.com
Email: hello@sleepscienceguru.com

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