Economic Development

Regional Economic Development Initiatives

Regional economic development activities seek to achieve and maintain a prosperous future for the region and its residents. A range of activities that enable infrastructure and investment to meet the needs of industry are delivered to support economic growth.

The EMRC publishes media releases promoting Perth's Eastern Region's business exemplars. Exemplars are winners of awards from the region's business support service organisations, the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre, Central Eastern Business Association, Malaga Business Association, Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce and the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce. The Business Exemplar project raises the profile of particularly successful local businesses and promotes the value of local business support services and their awards programs.

In March 2016, the EMRC hosted a Regional Digital Forum bringing together digital leaders from government, business and industry. The forum aimed to reflect on three years of digital technology progression, explore the region's digital future, discuss the role of local government in delivering digital projects and create partnerships that would lead to knowledge and resource sharing. A Directory of Digital Facilities and Services in Perth's Eastern Region and a Digital Report Card were launched at the forum. The EMRC also coordinated a Regional Digital Art Award which encouraged residents and visitors to make use of digital technology to produce art.

An action from the Regional Economic Development Strategy 2017 - 2018 includes the Advancing Perth's Eastern Region by hosting regional event forums and Showcase Tours. During 2016/2017 a tour was held, Southwest Group Tour, which focused on strategic areas of growth and development throughout the region which aligns with the States 'Directions 2031 and Beyond' framework. In 2018 the Perth Airport Precinct Tour took place which incorporated an 'airside' experience, components and insights into the FAL project, Perth Airport Experience Centre and a behind the scenes tour at the Woolworths Distribution Centre.  The tours provided member councils with the opportunity to demonstrate advancements being made in the areas of economic development, transport, recreation and tourism.

The EMRC continued to coordinate REMPLANid.Profile and id.Atlas subscriptions for its member councils. The tools capture regional economic and social-demographic profiling data for Perth's Eastern Region and provide member councils and stakeholders with online access to the profiling data. The economic profile for the region is available to the public from the EMRC's website to promote the region and attract investment opportunities.

Strategic Regional Development and Investment Opportunities

The EMRC assists in the alignment of regional priorities with local area priorities to deliver outcomes that support industry investment, advocating for regional priorities and promoting the region as a whole. The EMRC coordinated regional research to identify current industry clusters and supply chains and investigated the opportunities and constraints that businesses within the region are facing. Two clusters were identified for each member council and a further two were identified for the region. Transport related clusters were most prevalent followed by manufacturing clusters. Consultation was undertaken with businesses that formed part of these clusters to gain insight into identifying opportunities and constraints that impacted on the ability for the specific cluster to grow. The findings indicated that increasing internet speeds by advocating for NBN and upgrading infrastructure and services would be of most benefit to business clusters across the region.

The Regional Economic Development Strategy incorporates youth priorities and digital services into the strategy. The EMRC contracted a consultant to coordinate the research and consultation necessary to inform the strategies including the region's strengths, opportunities, potential barriers and possible focus areas best served by a regional approach. The Regional Economic Development Research Advisory Paper was developed through extensive desktop research, regional profiling and consultation with member councils, the Economic Development Officer Group and key stakeholders. The strategy will complement local priorities of member councils to maximise, leverage and make effective use of collective resources.

Regional Economic Development Strategy
Regional Economic Development Strategy

Perth's Eastern Region Economic Report Card 2019 

Perth's Eastern Region Economic Report Card 2019

Regional Economic Statistics

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