Integrated Transport

The EMRC drives the provision of integrated transport planning initiatives aimed at providing an efficient, safe and integrated regional transport network. A number of initiatives are in place to support this goal.

Ensuring an efficient and safe transport network in Perth's Eastern Region is a critical issue for both local and State governments with high levels of predicted population growth for Perth in the future. In 2017/2018, the EMRC began development of key initiatives in the areas of road safety, public transport and active transport.

The Regional Integrated Transport Strategy was developed by the EMRC for the period 2017-2021. With six priority areas, including safety and efficiency, the Strategy has been the guiding document for transport initiatives in the Perth’s Eastern Region. A Regional Integrated Transport Research Advisory Paper was developed through extensive desktop research, regional profiling and consultation with member Councils, the Regional Integrated Transport Strategy Implementation Advisory Group and other key stakeholders.

Safety is the most important priority area for the EMRC and it led to the development of our Regional Road Safety Plan. The EMRC contracted a consultant to undertake research and consultation covering the region's blackspot areas, safety needs and possible focus areas best served by a regional approach. These key focus areas align with those set out in the Federal and State Governments' road safety strategies.

Transport network efficiency is another area of focus for the EMRC.  Our Regional Congestion Management Action Plan was drafted with the objective of moving goods and people efficiently within Perth's Eastern Region. The purpose of this document is to target problem areas in the Region and tackle them with Congestion Management, Freight Management or Behaviour Change initiatives. The Plan was developed with consultation with EMRC member Councils along with major WA Road and Freight groups. The EMRC initiated an advocacy campaign aimed at bringing the Travel Behaviour Change Program ‘Your Move’, a collaboration between the then Department of Sport and Recreation, the Department of Transport and the EMRC, into the region. The EMRC has also successfully advocated for major infrastructure projects through a City Deal proposal to the State and Federal Government. Eight of the infrastructure projects that were recommended in the Connect Perth’s East City Deal proposal have successfully secured State and Federal government funding.

The EMRC’s Share the Space campaign is aimed at encouraging predictable and courteous behaviours and discouraging distractions while walking, cycling and driving on our roads, shared paths, trails and footpaths. Updated in 2020, the campaign includes a promotional webpage (available here), bus shelter  and ‘bus back’ advertising. The 2020 campaign is built around series of videos promoting safe interaction with vulnerable road users. The videos are available to view at

The latest Regional Road Safety Report Card identifies an encouraging decrease in the number of road crashes causing deaths or serious injuries in Perth’s Eastern Region.


Regional Integrated Transport Strategy 2017 - 2021

The EMRC's Regional Integrated Transport Strategy 2017 - 2021 was adopted by Council on 16 February 2017.

This strategy can be downloaded below.

Regional Integrated Transport Strategy
Regional Integrated Transport Strategy 2017-2021

Regional Congestion Management Action Plan

The Regional Congestion Management Action Plan can be downloaded below.

Regional Congestion Management Action Plan

Regional Road Safety Plan 

The Regional Road Safety Plan can be downloaded below.

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Regional Road Safety Plan

EMRC Travel Card

The Travel Card can be downloaded below.

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EMRC Travel Card

Regional Road Safety Report Card

 The Regional Road Safety Report Card can be downloaded below.

Regional Road Safety Report Card

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