Bayswater podiatrists cut the mustard with global first

Published on Monday, 16 September 2019 at 8:51:38 AM

A multiple award-winning Bayswater podiatry practice is successfully mixing technology and passion to succeed – while driving positive changes both locally and globally. 

Mustard Seed Podiatry, run by husband and wife Sam and Lydia Ong from their Guildford Road practice, are the first podiatry practice in the world to achieve B Corporation certification.

‘B Corporation is to business what Fair Trade is to coffee,’ explained Lydia.  ‘It’s a global movement where for-profit businesses are committed to driving positive changes with their influence. It means that our business is run not only for our own good, but for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, staff, community and the environment.

‘We were thrilled to get this certification because the whole idea of B Corp aligns with the way we run our business.  We see Mustard Seed as a tool that we can use to change lives, so it’s not just about profit-making, but what we can do with the influence we have.’

Sam is also an ambassador for Opportunity Australia, an organisation that helps families in developing countries get out of the cycle of poverty by offering them a small loan to start their business. 

The couple are firm believers in new technology.  Mustard Seed is one of first podiatry practices in Australia to offer custom-made 3D orthotics by partnering with an innovative orthotic lab in Melbourne. 3D printed orthotics are more sustainable as they are made from a plant-based material, create less waste and improve accuracy.  Sam and Lydia actively promote their business on social media.

Mustard Seed has won numerous regional accolades, including Enterprise of the Year at the 2018 Belmont Business Awards, Customer Service Excellence at the 2017 Stirling Business Awards and Best Customer Service at the 2017 Malaga & Districts Business Association Awards. Sam also won the Young Entrepreneur Award at the 2016 Belmont Business Awards. 

‘We want to change how people think about podiatry,’ said Sam. ‘The perception is that it’s for older people and that it’s about trimming toenails.  But in truth, it’s for anyone who uses their feet.

‘A lot of private practices serve older demographics, so we created a youthful and refreshing brand to position us away from the crowd. We have a strong focus on helping people with lower limb injuries/pains. We have a well-rounded approach to managing musculoskeletal conditions.

‘Maybe we’re a bit unconventional, but our branding effort has successfully helped us attract a younger crowd of customers in their mid-20s to mid-50s, which statistically speaking is a lot younger than most other private practices.

‘We embrace being different. We think it’s important as a business to stand for something and know what truly matters to us, so that what we do always aligns with our vision and attracts the right customers.’

 Added Lydia, ‘An ongoing issue is how we can provide better education on the importance of foot health and make podiatry more relevant to more people. As we say, a lot of people think that podiatrists only cut toenails when in fact that’s far from the full picture of what we do. Obviously, that’s part of it but not all of it. Because of this misconception, it is difficult for the industry to engage a wider population and help people better understand what we have to offer.’




Lydia and Sam Ong of Mustard Seed Podiatry, Bayswater, with two of their multiple business awards: ‘It’s important as a business to stand for something and know what truly matters to us.

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