EMRC and Grow It Local partner up to spread the good news on food and garden waste

Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2020 at 8:36:54 AM

The benefits of diverting food and garden waste from landfill and converting it into a valuable organic resource is the focus of a new education campaign launched today by the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) and Grow It Local.

The partnership aims to raise awareness of the Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) waste collection system, which separates FOGO material from other waste and is used to create organic compost. Valuable FOGO-derived material is returned to the soil and used to grow, share and enjoy home-grown food while connecting communities, reducing organic waste and preventing harmful methane gas from reaching the atmosphere.

The Grow It Local new education campaign is being launched this morning at the Cyril Jackson Senior Campus in the Town of Bassendean by Marcus Geisler, EMRC CEO and supported by Town of Bassendean Cr Kathryn Hamilton.

Marcus Geisler explained the intention of the collaboration is to increase awareness of sustainable living behaviours and play an active part in closing the loop on food and garden waste.

‘Grow It Local is a superb initiative which enables residents to become active participants in the Region’s circular waste economy,’ he said.

Grow It Local (www.growitlocal.com) is a community-based forum aiming to encourage positive sustainable living behaviours, increase the consumption of locally-grown foods, support waste education and organic waste diversion from landfill.

The campaign will be promoted through the year with festival of digital events, activities and experiences which will encourage a connection to nature, inspire positive health and wellbeing, reduce organic waste and help make growing food more accessible to the local community.

The program will be complimentary for residents of the Town of Bassendean, where FOGO was introduced in July 2020, and the City of Bayswater, which is due to introduce FOGO for its residents in March 2021. 

Mr Geisler added, ‘This initiative is a great way to encourage Bassendean and Bayswater residents to think of their garden and food waste as a valuable resource, instead of something that simply ends up in landfill. Grow It Local will also play a major part in making the EMRC’s new FOGO system a success.’

For more information about the campaign please visit www.emrc.org.au and www.growitlocal.com.


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