EMRC and the UNSSC partner up to launch WA’s largest training on the Circular Economy

Published on Thursday, 13 April 2023 at 10:15:31 AM

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) has partnered with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) to host a six-week online Leadership Course, ‘Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda’, supported by Circular Economy Western Australia (CEWA) and ACE HUB.

The program represents WA’s largest Circular Economy capacity-building course to date, and it will commence the second week of May 2023. The course webinars will feature local and international speakers presenting on various Circular Economy topics, including circular cities, sustainable lifestyles, and circular business, to around 300 circular economy practitioners from a wide range of local governments, state governments, communities, and industries across Australia.

Over six weeks, participants will engage with distinguished experts to analyse international best practices and case studies to enhance their understanding of a systems-based approach to circularity. On completion of course requirements, successful participants will receive certification in the’ Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda’ Leadership course.

The EMRC CEO Marcus Geisler said, “We are excited to partner with the United Nations System Staff College to deliver this course to take WA’s business community on a journey towards a full understanding of the Circular Economy approach.

“The first webinar on Thursday, 11 May, will signify the start of the process of gaining practical skills and knowledge to start making the transition and get involved to see for yourself how the Circular Economy can make a difference.”

To learn more about the course, please get in touch with UrbanEnvironment@emrc.org.au 

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