Move towards circular economy given fresh impetus by EMRC Investment Prospectus

Published on Tuesday, 3 November 2020 at 9:12:00 AM

Businesses in Perth’s Eastern Region are advantageously placed to benefit from adoption of the EMRC’s commitment to the circular economy, said EMRC CEO Marcus Geisler. 

Promoting the EMRC’s newly-published Investing in Perth’s Eastern Region prospectus 2020, Mr Geisler said that regional businesses would benefit from the transformation towards a circular economy while enhancing the region’s status as a prestige location for business investment.

Mr Geisler said, ‘An annual growth of nearly 6% in gross regional product over the last five years is an indicator of a bright future for the Region as the benefits of an impressive list of current and planned capital investments begin to flow.  Perth’s Eastern Region is excellently placed to embrace the opportunities of adopting a circular economy through these investments.  The Region has a unique chance to reshape and rejuvenate its business profile and serve as an example to the whole of WA.

‘A circular economy means keeping resources circulating for as long as possible before disposal. It entails a move away from the current ‘take – make – use – dispose’ model.  A successful regional circular economy in the Region would mean applying local, proven solutions to create new economic, social and environmental benefits. With inbound investment providing critical infrastructure, our region’s move towards a circular economy will continue to benefit business and the community for many years to come.

‘The outcomes are not only environmentally pleasing, but provide and showcase universal benefits of adopting the principles of a circular economy.’

The EMRC’s Investing in Perth’s Eastern Region prospectus 2020 clearly identifies the competitive advantages of the Region and details the competitive benefits provided to new and established businesses.

In turn, these benefits are attracting further investment in a ‘virtuous circle’ which is one of the major factors behind the Region’s ongoing economic success.

Mr Geisler said, ‘Our regional business community stands to benefit enormously.  The economic performance and benefits of inward investment into Perth’s Eastern Region, clearly identified in the EMRC’s Prospectus, are predicted to bring significant benefits.’

Research included in the Prospectus identifies:

  • Gross Regional Product of $31.8bn.
  • Over 12.5% of WA exports produced in Perth’s Eastern Region.
  • 40% of container imports and 30% of container exports pass through the Region.
  • 70% of regional businesses cite affordability of premises as an advantage.
  • Approximately 60% of the world’s population lives within one hour of the Region’s time zone.
  • Annual tourist spend of $340m at the Region’s food and accommodation businesses.

Mr Geisler added, ‘The Prospectus serves as a comprehensive economic profile of a Region which is a proactive, innovative and beneficial place for a diverse range of businesses and industries. We thoroughly recommend our prospectus as a practical resource for current future global, national and local businesses who are considering investment decisions in business and industry,

‘The move towards a circular economy will undoubtedly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Region’s economic prosperity.’

The EMRC, a leader in innovative waste management and resource recovery, is also a strong advocate of the benefits of adopting a circular economy. Its advocacy for public and private investment in the Region, which covers one-third of Perth’s Metropolitan Region and is home to 356,000 residents, has contributed to the Region’s rise in Gross Regional Product over the last five years.

An electronic copy of the EMRC’s Investing in Perth’s Eastern Region Prospectus 2020 is available to download here.

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