The Little Bar Cart – an idea worth celebrating!

Published on Friday, 19 February 2021 at 8:29:05 AM

Business is really bubbling for one of the winners at the recent 27th Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards. Judges were highly impressed, presenting the business with a well-deserved Innovation Award.

A love of champagne led Pippa Candido to set up The Little Bar Cart, formally known as The Little Champagne Cart, as a concept designed with celebrations in mind. The business model is simple – a custom-designed, transportable bar perfect for weddings, corporate events, VIP events, home opens and essentially any event worth celebrating.

Pippa and her husband Trevor have been part of Perth’s hospitality sector for over two decades and are co-owners of the Universal bar in Northbridge.

Pippa explained, ‘As a stay-at-home mum with a background in hospitality and flight attending, I was craving a job that would get me out and about and give me more interaction with people, it’s what I love.

‘The idea was born after noticing a need to keep wedding guests entertained and hydrated between a wedding ceremony and the reception.  After attending a family wedding, where ice cream was served after the ceremony, I thought it appropriate that champagne would also be an excellent idea.  For me, The Little Bar Cart is an attractive concept because it combines my love for champagne with a way of making people happy wherever we go.’

The cart is a unique design which has been handmade into the shape of a vintage car.  Equipped with an ice-well fitted into a stainless counter, a cooler under the bonnet and brass racks fitted into the roof holding up to 100 glasses, the cart is narrow enough to fit through doorways so it can be used indoor or outdoor. The business became an instant social media sensation when it launched, attracting the attention of over 570,000 people on Facebook within its first week, over 219,000 views of the launch video and 6,500 shares.

The Little Bar Cart has also won plaudits from wedding planners and magazines around the world.

Pippa adds, ‘The brand is all about creating an exceptional and personable experience for people and striving to go beyond expectations. Old fashioned service with a smile, where nothing is too much trouble.’

Champagne first became associated with royalty in the 17th century and soon became entwined with success, happiness and celebration.  A famous quote from Coco Chanel:

"I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not."

- Coco Chanel

Pippa said, ‘So what began with a love of Champagne, celebration and a little idea, has become an international brand that has won the hearts of people around the world and we are so excited to see where The Little Bar Cart will go next. After all, with reference to Coco Chanel, who could resist a glass or two!’

The Little Bar Cart

Business contact details:

Business name: The Little Bar Cart

Key contact person: Pippa Candido

Email: perth@thelittlebarcart

Phone: 0409 669 720


Best times to contact: 9:00am – 5:00pm

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