Water Quality and Conservation Program



The Water Quality and Conservation Program has been developed by the EMRC to provide a structured approach for local governments in Perth's Eastern Region to continue to be leaders in water management. The Program provides opportunities to improve water efficiency and water quality to ensure a sustainable water future for the council, community and the environment.

Following funding changes to the Water Campaign (see below), EMRC has seen the need and opportunity to develop a process for councils that ensures a continuous monitoring and improvement approach relating to water quality and water conservation management. Water Quality and Conservation Program will build on past achievements through a cyclical 'Plan Do Check Review' process that will allow for councils to continue on from whatever water management stage they are up to.

NEW! Tips to Residents Factsheets

The EMRC has produced factsheets as part of the Water Quality and Conservation Program to provide up-to-date information on Rainwater tanks and Greywater for residents of Perth's Eastern Region.

The PDF versions are available to download below:

Rainwater Tank Tips for Residents

Greywater Tips for Residents

For more factsheets on Energy Efficiency and Solar PV Panels, please see our ACER webpage

Reuse of greywater in Western Australia

Decreasing rainfall and associated declines in water supply, coupled with increasing population and higher water demand, mean that efforts to increase water use efficiency and water conservation are needed more than ever before, including looking at alternative sources of water such as greywater and waste water recycling.

Greywater is referred to as the household waste water that results from people using fresh water (typically scheme) for their daily household activities, such as showering, washing clothes, brushing teeth, washing dishes and other activities that result in water going down the 'drain'.

In 2014, EMRC's environmental services team reviewed and updated a discussion paper developed in 2011 regarding reuse of Greywater in Western Australia. It provides local government staff and councillors with general information on greywater reuse, including types of systems, approvals, benefits, risks and potential applications. The revised paper contains some new guidelines, additional examples of greywater reuse (Bold Park Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study 2011) and updated cost ranges for greywater systems where available.

Please follow the document link below to access a copy of the EMRC's Reuse of Greywater in Western Australia discussion paper for local government:

Reuse of greywater in Western Australia Discussion Paper - 2011

Discussion Paper for Reuse of Greywater for Local Governments - June 2014